An intensive startups incubation program that will help make your dreams come true in three months



  1. Pongsak Sathisakul (Refill Machine)
  2. พัชรพงษ์​ วชิรพันธุ์ (CM Town)
  3. Pasiree Parichani (Platform for smart farmers)
  4. อาทร กิตตินุกุล (Platform for persona)
  5. Nateewach Takam (BuddyBike)
  6. Tanakrit Thano (Tool for Astrologers)


  1. Pokpong Pattaweekongka (Public Hospital)
  2. นายบุญสันติ ตั้งอิสราวุฒิกุล (Coinless Pay)
  3. Atigorn Sanguansri (InnoEdge Gogo)
  4. Nattapong Lamai (MarketAI)
  5. Pradipat Laolapa (แบบบ้านสำเร็จรูป)
  6. Nanthanat Chaimongkol (Due diligence)


  1. Ugrit chammari (Smart Pill Box) 
  2. อนุชา รัตนะ (Training Platform for Mobile Phone Repairing) 
  3. อนันต์ บือราเฮง (OrderMe) 
  4. ณัชศตพร มาสชรัตน์ (Food Kiosk Platform) 
  5. Pongsathorn Chotikasemsri (Smart Wheelchair) 
  6. มาริสา วงศ์วิเชียร (Tonmayom Organic) 

Startups in Residence (SIR)

National Innovation Agency (NIA), PUNSPACE, Chiangmai & Co, and TUBER collaborate to organize Startups in Residence (SIR) program, pave way for entrepreneurs and startups to work in the coworking spaces while developing business perspective and bootstrap your startups intensely for three months. 

An opportunity for you to develop your business ideas to the market. Joining our workshops and getting valuable advices from experts in various fields such as Business, Product, and Technical Development. If you have good ideas and wish to get out of your comfort zone, Join us. Submit now until 5 July 2019.



TravelTech & LifestyleTech

Chiang Mai, a rich culture city, flourished with nature and tourist attractions. Chiang Mai becomes destinations for Thai and foreigners but not just for tourism. Nowadays thousands of people travel to work and start their new lives here.

PUNSPACE is a coworking space in the center of Chiang Mai, a hub for nomads communities and working areas for many startups and freelances. TravelTech and LifestyleTech is the core competency that PUNSPACE that we understands and gives priority most. We see opportunities for developing to real business. If you have an idea and wish to change current lifestyle with Tech or boosting the tourism business with your innovative ideas. PUNSPACE will be your ideal residence. Submit now! 


UrbanTech & HealthTech

With the population growth year over year, people who live in the city need to be competitive more than ever. Quality of living, lifestyles, and population health move forward with technology advancement and innovation. UrbanTech technology that will change the daily life of urban people, such as recycling process, garbage control, air pollution, and public transportation. Another scheme is HealthTech , a technology that drives the medical sector. Chiangmai & Co focuses on supporting these two schemes by starting your idea here in Chiang Mai. If you wish to change or aim for better living condition, then choose Chiangmai & Co as your residence. Send your ideas now! 

Chiangmai&Co is a center of creation for collaborate and developing startups ecosystem through various activities and workshops. We are also a Smart Visa Center to support tech startups from both domestic and international ones as well as any creative entrepreneurs who operates their business here in Chiang Mai pior expand globally with technologies.


HealthTech, AgriTech/FoodTech and LifestyleTech

Hat Yai's first coworking space, TUBER, is located in the south of Thailand surround by two oceans; the Pacific Ocean And the Indian Ocean. Therefore making this area rich with agricultural products, and varieties of foods. Many opportunities are waiting for you to fulfill with ideas, innovative creations, and technology advancement as AgriTech and FoodTech A good mixture of races, cultures, lifestyle makes LifestlyeTech very challenging area to explore. HealthTech in the area of ​​Songkhla is very famous nation-wide and internationally. It is time to accelerate and develop further creatively in the form of Startups in Residence. 

If anyone is interested and have ideas, choose Tuber as your residence, send ideas. . . Let's growing together!


Who suites with this project?

  • Local startup teams (Chiang Mai, Hat Yai) with early stage ideas
  • Dreamers! We are open to all ideas and ready to with those who keen to learn new things, those who love to make your ideas come true
  • Skilled people who wish to step out of the comfort zone.

Application process

  1. Prepare information about your ideas or startup.
    • Lean Canvas If you just start with your ideaand ready to move forward
    • Business Model Canvas If youhave already begun to make a prototype of product or service
    • If you are not familiar with those tools or are not confident in using them, we recommend https://canvanizer.com/how-to-use/business-model-canvas-tutorial You can start using and create your own Canvas in the system for free
  2. Collect founding member that will play a necessary role in molding MVP and pushing product/service to market quickly
  3. เริ่มกรอก ใบสมัคร (application) และเลือก Residence ที่ตรงกับประเภทของธุรกิจและเทคโนโลยีของคุณมากที่สุด เพื่อที่ Residence ดังกล่าวจะสามารถโฟกัสในการช่วยเหลือคุณได้อย่างมีประสิทธิภาพ
  4. Interview We will contact back and starting the interview those who apply and eligible on first come first serve basis. You will be notified and contacted 1-2 days prior the interview.
    • The interview may be either a conference call or meet up at the residence of your choice. Please check your email regularly.


  • Free hot desks at your residence, full of inspiration.
  • Join the workshop to increase knowledge and skills in various fields such as Pitching, Agile Software Development, and Design Thinking
  • Get advices from experts in Business, Tech, or Marketing. They will coach you and answer all of your questions about the startup.
  • The chance to get a maximum of 100,000 baht/team.


Now – 5 july

Call for Applications


Now – 5 july
22 Jun

Interview Round 1

สัมภาษณ์ผู้สมัครรอบที่ 1

22 Jun
29 Jun

Info Session & Interview Round 2

เปิดให้สอบถามและพูดคุยเกี่ยวกับโครงการและ สัมภาษณ์ผู้สมัครรอบที่ 2

29 Jun
6 JulY

Interview Round 3

สัมภาษณ์ผู้สมัครรอบที่ 3

6 JulY
10 July

Announce the Finalists


10 July
15 July

Start of SIR Program

เริ่มโครงการ Startups in Residence

15 July
3-4 august



3-4 august
Early October


Pitch โปรดักที่ใช้งานได้จาก Startups in Residence

Early October
Let’s party!

All done

Let’s party!